March 25, 2007

Big Hearts come in all ages and sizes....

What a surprise for us to find out a young boy (age 10), Kian from California chose to help us put a child to school after he visited Nicaragua. Below is his picture and his story. Thank you Kian for your big heart! We look forward to seeing you in Nicaragua someday soon! - Kathy

My name is Kian (2nd from left) and I am 10 years old. My family visited Nicaragua last January and I loved it there. When I got home I decided that I would like to help a Nicaraguan boy my own age have an education and be able to play on a sports team. I decided to have a bake sale and invited a couple friends to join me. We sold mostly cupcakes and brownies I looked at many organizations but chose Empowerment International. It seemed like it had a very personal feeling and the money I earned could do so much! I can't wait to be in touch with my new friend . Author - Kian

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